Academy of Future Space Explorers

Daily Topics



Steer a laser beam through a laser maze, find mountains using the principles of radar technology, and discover everyday objects that were originally designed for use in space! Bring the excitement home with a Lightning Launcher™ that lights up the sky!Find out how much you would weigh if you lived on Neptune. Participate in a space mission and make your very own Cosmic Chronometer™.


Earth and Beyond

Explore the farthest reaches of our solar system and create a lunar eclipse! Learn how the planets stack up, and build and take home Kepler’s Cube™, a fun and educational 3-D solar system puzzle! Go on a mission to explore the atmosphere on Earth. Travel to the end of the rainbow and make a sunset! Mix up various planetary atmospheres, one molecule at at a time.


Solar Launch

Watch star dust burn, and journey through a soapy galaxy as you investigate the life cycle of stars! Use your Bead Dipper™ to create a 3-dimensional glow-in-the-dark constellation! Then, it’s your chance to become a rocket scientist! Investigate the four forces of flight, and explore the science involved in rocket construction as you build your own Skyblazer II Rocket™ to take home!


Space Voyage

Learn what it takes to be a true globetrotter! Race a balloon rocket and design your own car engine as you learn about thrust. See the principles of propulsion at work in a real rocket launch, and build your very own Shuttle Copter™ to fly to the skies!


Eye on the Sky

Probe the mysteries of meteors and bounce around satellite light in this phenomenal program on space phenomena! Learn how to tell the difference between stars, planets and satellites in the night sky. See comets up close as one is formed before your eyes, and take home your very own Catch-a-Comet™!