Advanced Robotics

Daily Topics


Robots 101

The fundamentals of robotics will be reviewed, analyzing robots' anatomy and discovering how each of their components works. Children will begin to construct their very own robot to take home at the end of the week.


You Are in Command

Sensors will be revisited under a new "light." Children will experiment with robots that quickly respond to their commands and even draw on their own! They will also experiment with electricity and build their own "reflex tester."


Smart Robots

Children will earn about the laws of robotics and binary system. They will use their newly acquired knowledge to program some cool robots that follow commands based on the basic principles of binary coding.


Ready to Conquer the World

Their newly "born" robots will be tried, adjusted and put to the test by their "masters". The children will then "grade" all the robots they tested during the week to find the best performer. Campers will test out several large scale robots and try the robot hands in a mechanical challenge.


Robot Engineering

During this fun-filled day, the campers will learn about robot design as well as the applications of robotic technology. They will continue building their own robot while experiment with a number of fascinating robots.