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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mad Science?

We are the world’s leader in fun science for children! Founded in Montreal, Canada in 1985, Mad Science offers you the benefit of over a decade of experience in educating and entertaining millions of children throughout more than 166 locations in North America and 22 countries around the world. Designed as a creative educational supplement for children in K to 6th grades, Mad Science’s Programs are a great way to provide a stimulating hands-on science experience to students, while meeting curriculum standards. Through Mad Science, your students will be able to touch, see, hear, smell and taste what science is really all about.


How long are your programs (weeks and hours)?

Our standard program runs for 6 weeks, 1 hour per week and is held immediately after school. Because of the flexibility of our programming, Mad Science can accommodate program requests for 8 weeks long. See “What are Your Suggested Program Start Dates?” below to learn how your school can benefit from and offer AfterSchool Science Enrichment Programs throughout the school year.


What are your suggested program start dates?

With the ease of implementation, the popularity of our instruction and the no obligation nature of our programs, most schools elect to offer Mad Science twice per school year. During the Fall, we suggest starting in October. For the Winter, the start date could be mid January, and for Spring, sometime in April, maybe after the Spring break. To accommodate the widest range of student schedules, while taking into consideration school holidays, both 6-weeks and 8-weeks courses have proven to be very popular. A 6-weeks course allows for an extra series to be offered during the year and reduces the waiting time for students who were unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts with other activities. A 6-weeks course is also more affordable for more families and it is the only option we offer for some specific Programs.

What if our schedule does not correspond with the dates above?

Mad Science After-School Enrichment Programs can start at any time during your school year. The above dates are only suggestions in order to provide your students with the greatest availability of these popular classes. Since Mad Science does all the work, your school can offer Mad Science to your students throughout the entire year.

What is the cost?

There is never any cost to your school or PTA to sponsor a Mad Science After-School Enrichment Program. Also, there are no registration fees, deposit or cancellation fees associated with our programs. The cost for a standard 6-weeks session is $93* per student if registration is handled by Mad Science or the PTA. 8-weeks programs are also available, please call us for pricing. This is an all-inclusive, one-time fee for the participants. Mad Science provides all equipment and materials. If your school elects not to run registration through us, we require full payment for the program by the first session.

* Prices are valid until June 2013


Who pays for the After-School Science Enrichment Programs?

The After-School Programs are usually paid by the parents of those children that want to attend our workshops or by Grants. Mad Science is an eligible entity to provide services under the 21st Century Grant Program. Our curriculum, methodology and activities, all comply with the 21st Century CLC guidelines.

Do you have a minimum class size?

Our classes require a minimum enrollment of: 15 students (online) or $1395 (if registration is handled by the school) for a 6 weeks program (please consult with us for 8-weeks program minimums). To ensure the handson, interactive nature of our instruction, class size will be capped at 20 students. Registrations for numbers 21 and over will go on a wait list. With the 34th registration, Mad Science will create 2 classes of 17, subject to instructor and space availability. Predicting enrollment is crucial to the proper planning necessary to ensure all your interested students can participate, as our ability to offer additional classes may be subject to instructor availability. See “How can we predict enrollment?” below.

What ages/grades can register?

Mad Science offers instruction in an age and grade appropriate manner using a variety of teaching methods and environments to ensure each participant benefits from the instruction. Therefore students in grades K through 5 are offered the opportunity to participate in our programs. Should registration allow, we will divide classes into grades K–2 and 3–6. Larger enrollment may allow even greater segregation by grade level.


What’s included in a Mad Science After-School Enrichment Program?

The Mad Science After-School Enrichment Program is designed to be a no-hassle experience for our participating
schools. We can do all the work, including a kick-off event, marketing, registration, processing payments and

instruction. Included materials are:

Marketing Materials: Class descriptions, posters and a FAQs for parents and students.

Registration Materials: All registration forms are customized according to your specifications and delivered to your school/organization.
Payment Processing: Mad Science can collect all funds on your behalf through check, credit card or our on-line registration.
Scheduling and Rosters: When you have Mad Science handle the registration, we confirm all participants, create all class rosters and inform parents and students of their instruction dates. We can customize the documents should you elect to process the registrations and payments yourselves. 
Instruction: Mad Science provides all equipment and materials. Our certified instructors arrive in Mad Science lab coats at least 15 minutes before class to set-up their equipment. Every Mad Scientist assumes responsibility for each student in his care from the time the session starts until its end, releasing them back to school personnel or an authorized parent or guardian.
Take-home Materials: Each class every student will make and take home a science project related to the topic learned that week. Mad Science provides parent summary forms each week that describe the instruction their child experienced and additional activities that will extend the fun and learning at home. 
Kick-off School Assembly: Every year, immediately before or during registration, our high-energy, action-packed one hour performances will excite your students about science and inform them of what they can expect should they sign up for a Mad Science Program. Assemblies can be split by grade level (K-2 and 3-6) to limit capacity to 250-300 students per show. NOTE: Free assemblies are only offered to Schools. Assemblies should be performed during the school day. This offer only applies to schools that commit to bringing Mad Science no less than 2 semesters per school year (Fall & Winter, or Fall & Spring). 
Scholarship: One Scholarship is awarded to the Parent Coordinator or the parent who commits to serve as a room volunteer for the entire length of the program.

Does Mad Science have liability insurance?

Yes, Mad Science of Long Island carries its own liability insurance to protect all those involved or in contact with its Programs. Please see enclosed Insurance Certificate.

What does our organization provide?

Each participant will need an empty desk/table and chair. The instructor will need a table for the equipment and access to the room 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. Therefore, classrooms work best and classrooms in grades 3 and above are preferred. We will also need access to electricity, nearby water and the ability to darken the room. Room volunteers are not necessary with our program; however, they are welcomed.


How can we predict enrollment? 

A good rule of thumb is to assume 10% of your student body will be interested in the first Mad Science AfterSchool Program you offer. Response may be affected by many factors including day of week, season of year and transportation needs. However, it is best to plan for a 10% response and reserve the necessary rooms in order to accommodate as many students as possible. Subsequent sessions of Mad Science see interest rising toward 20%. Although our flexibility usually allows us to accommodate all interested schools/organizations and all their registrants, dates may be subject to instructor availability. Please respond early to confirm your registration and participation in the Mad Science After-School Enrichment Program. 


When should we schedule our class(es)?

Mad Science has flexibility to conduct classes on any day of the week and on multiple days during the week at one location. When scheduling your Mad Science After-School Program, think of the “normal” extracurricular schedule of your students. We find that most activities outside of Mad Science are scheduled on either MondayWednesday-Friday or on Tuesday-Thursday. Therefore, to provide the maximum flexibility for your students, you should offer Mad Science classes on two consecutive days during the week (ex. Monday-Tuesday, TuesdayWednesday) or on one “odd” day and one “even” day (ex. Monday and Thursday). Using the enrollment rule of thumb from above, planning for one class of K–2 and one class for 3–6 on each of the scheduled days should be sufficient for most situations. For a variety of reasons, even with this schedule all students who wish to take Mad Science during any program offering may not be able to participate. Therefore, we suggest that the following offering of Mad Science occur on different days of the week. Classes should start within 15 minutes from the dismissal of school, in order to get the room ready allowing the instructor time to prepare the equipment for the session. We can run consecutive sessions, if that is what your school/organization prefers (ex. 2:30 – 3:30 and 3:45 to 4:45).


What topics are offered?

Rockets, lasers, slime, bubbling potions and chemical reactions are just a few of the class topics Mad Science offers in its After-School Science Enrichment Programs. Mad Science of Long Island is currently offering 40 different 1 hour sessions grouped into what we call NASA, Crazy Chemworks, System 2, System 3 and System 4. Please note that the workshops in these “systems” are not interchangeable. As an organization, Mad Science has developed more than 48 hours of After-School programming, which assures that no student will “max out” on their Mad Science experience. Should your program run less than 8 weeks, Mad Science will still assign a particular System to your program and include in our marketing and registration pieces the topics within that System that will be presented. Mad Science reserves the right to change workshop topics with no advance notice to students, parents or your school/organization. Changes of this sort are rare, and usually in response to an emergency situation to ensure that scheduled instruction of a class is performed. 


How is registration handled?

There are 2 ways to handle registration:

• Parents register online and payments are collected directly by Mad Science. This method is usually the easiest and most efficient for your school/organization. We do all the work! And your students save money.

• Your school/organization receives and processes all the paperwork. Should you process your own registration, participant information (please see required information below) and class rosters will need to be provided on Mad Science supplied forms no later than 2 weeks before the start of the Program. Mad Science will invoice you for the number of participants and full payment is expected by the first session.


Do you have a quality guarantee?

The Mad Science guarantee is simple – your school/organization, your students and parents will be satisfied with the Mad Science experience or we will do what it takes to make it right. 


What participant information is required?

In order to ensure the safety of all participants in a Mad Science After-School Science Club both during the demonstrations and after the class, the following information must be provided on each participant:

Child’s name                         Child’s grade                 Child’s teacher
Child’s date of birth               Child’s address               Child’s health concerns
Name of parent or guardian    Home phone number       Work/cell phone number
Signature of parent or guardian
Arrangements/instructions to our Mad Scientist to dismiss the children after class.
Payment information (check number or credit card number, expiration date and signature)

When is payment required?

From parents: Payment is required at the time of registration. Mad Science can accept checks or credit cards (over the phone, on the registration form or through our on-line registration)
From your organization: Should you elect to process registration and payments, Mad Science will invoice you for the Program and full payment is required by the first session. If the Program is not paid in full by the last day of Mad Science classes, we will apply late fee charges to the amount due. Of course, you can avoid the hassle of administration and payment schedules if you let Mad Science handle the whole process. 


What is your refund policy?

Due to our standard practice of submitting an invoice to your organization by the start of the Program, a full refund will be made to any parent who withdraws his child prior to the first week and informs Mad Science in writing. Withdrawals after the program has started are not entitled to a refund.

Who are your instructors?

We recruit current and former teachers, college graduates and current college students with an education or science major and who have experience in classrooms or with groups of elementary aged children. All our instructors must pass a series of state and national criminal background checks and be certified through our training process. Instructors are assigned for the entire length of the program. This encourages a rapport between instructor and student and facilitates the learning process.


What are the expectations of the students? The parents?

Mad Science strives at all times to provide fun and safe science activities for all children participating in our classes. To fulfill this commitment, we ask that all children enrolled adhere to basic behavioral guidelines. Our instructors set clear boundaries and expectations as to appropriate conduct and we will hold all students to these expectations. It is our intention to provide children with, not deprive them of, exciting and fun science. It is only when a child interrupts this positive learning environment that we would take disciplinary actions. In addition, Mad Science will follow all of your school’s rules and policies regarding student behavioral expectations. We stress at the beginning of each class that the school rules are still in effect. We ask your cooperation should any parent be notified of discipline problems. Mad Science also has expectations of the parents whose children are enrolled. Only children with a sincere interest in our programs and the necessary maturity to handle an extension of the school day should be allowed to enroll. We will follow school instructions for dismissal after class. Parents are welcome to observe any class, should the school allow them to do so. All parents should support the learning process after class is dismissed. 

What is your inclement weather/class cancellation policy?

Mad Science will follow the inclement weather and school closure policy of the school district in which we are instructing. Ideally, each program should have a minimum of one week before the start of the next program to accommodate a possible make-up day. Mad Science will make an effort to reschedule weather-related class cancellations or other events beyond our control or planning, but with no guarantees. No refunds or credits will be given in the event a class cannot be made up under these circumstances. 

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

The Mad Science guarantee is simple: If you are not satisfied with the Mad Science experience, we will do what it takes to make it right.

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