Brixology After-School Program

Weekly Topics



Launch your imagination to new heights as you explore aerospace engineering! Discover the secrets of working in space efficiency and compact design. Create a trussed space station module, then connect it with others to create a massive modular spacecraft.



Reach for the sky! Find out how structural engineers use ideas from physics to solve problems. Work together to build a structurally sound tower with a working elevator, then test and improve your design for strength and stability.



Feel the thrill as you build a spinning swing ride! Learn about the forces and mechanical engineering concepts behind some of your favorite amusement park rides. Then improve and test the design to create an even wilder ride.



Create a sea-worthy vessel as you set sail with nautical engineers! Build and test a boat powered by potential and kinetic energy. Then try changing specific variables to improve speed, buoyancy, and stability.



Discover nature's engineering secrets as we investigate biochemistry! We can learn a lot about efficient design from observing plants and animals. Build a walking insect machine, then test different ways to help it climb up the steepest branch.



How can you build the strongest bridge? Work together with your fellow to build and test different bridge designs. Then use what you've learned to create the strongest bridge possible.



Get in gear as an ! Build a motorized vehicle and learn how to optimize it. Use wheels, axles and gears to reduce friction and make it work better. Then shift things into a higher gear to get a hands-on understanding of transmissions and gear ratios.



Engineering is creative! Learn how gears, levers, and pulleys are useful tools for then combine them with art and design to create and test a motorized drawing machine.