Motion Madness

Daily Topics



Check out shapes and why they are so strong! Investigate arches, and geodesic domes. Discover why an egg's shape is so strong and how you can find this shape in buildings. Build bridges and other structures then take them to the breaking point with our load test.


Machine Mania

Find out how wedges, screws and levers help us with our daily lives. Use simple machines to complete different tasks like lifting weights and launching marshmallows. Run through an obstacle course and use teamwork to show how useful simple machines can be.


Crazy Chemistry

Discover how chemical reactions are everywhere and how you can figure out if a chemical change has occurred right before your very eyes. Watch as molecules move during a reaction to make a crystal garden! Mix, mush and brew together different chemicals to create things that you can use in this hands-on chemistry lab.


Newton's Locomotion

Discover Newton's Laws of Motion and something called inertia in this hands-on day all about physical motion! Children will experiment to learn how inertia works and how gravity is a physical force that keeps all objects "stuck" to the Earth. Campers will build a "gravity simulator" and an "inertia tester." Take the science home with a Mad Science Gravity Game!



How does a camera work? What does a lens do? How do our eyes work? What is a camera obscura? How does film capture light and store an image? How did the idea of motion pictures start, and how did early filmmakers find a way to make images move? All these questions and more will be answered in this hands-on day where campers get to experienceall aspects of photography!