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Spark & Glow

Have you ever seen indoor lightning? You can with this eye-popping show that kids will find spectacular. Work with indoor lightning, ultra-violet light and indoor fireworks! And you can even catch your own shadow! Create indoor lightning with a Tesla coil and get your own pair of Rainbow Diffraction Glasses! You won't believe how amazing the properties of electricity could be!


Air Blast

Kids check out dissolving foam, see tornadoes whirling about indoors, and watch a pin pierce a balloon without breaking it. They also observe a special heat-sensitive paper capture a picture of their hand without a camera!


Fire & Ice

Children get to use air pressure to defy gravity! The Mad Scientist then does crazy experiments with Mad Science Burping Potions, a bubble bath, and fog effects! This party requires access to hot water and electricity.


Pre-K Party

Preschool guests will have a blast at this age-appropriate fun science party! Children do experiments with air, bubbles, and chemistry - the science A, B, Cs!! Kids will be amazed by experiments with color mixing and dry ice! Children will witness a rainbow and learn where the colors come from! While magic is wonderful and can be a lot of fun and will benefit your child on an educational level.


Slime Party

Does your child love slime? Children will be introduced to the ooey-gooey world of polymers and chemical reactions in this hands-on birthday party. Each child will get to create and take home up to three different kinds of their very own Mad Science Slime, including metallic and glitter slime!


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