Robotic Lab

Daily Topics


Ready for Robots

Children will explore the fundamentals of robotics and discover that robots are made up of multiple simple machines. Campers explore the realm of Solar Energy and learn how a Photovoltaic Cell works. Everyone will start building a robot to take home at the end of the week.


Cool Chemistry

Children will explore the mechanics of gears and learn about different kinds of robots in space. Each camper will continue work on the robot, and the camp day ends with some super cool dry ice experiments!


Use Your Common Sensors

Children will explore the concept of sensors and discover what they enable a robot to learn about its environment. Campers test out the center of gravity and learn how sound travels. We will explore the realm of sound effects while altering their voices with a Voice Modulator, and continue work on the robots.


Radical Reactions

Uncover the high-tech world of Artificial Olfaction with some stinky experiments! Children learn the difference between physical and chemical reactions and put the new knowledge to the test with the Scientific Method. Campers will discover the world of Hydrogen and Hydroxide molecules with pH tests! Each child will continue working on the robot.


Circuit Science

Children will design a robot blueprint and build a prototype! The world of robot programming will be touched upon, and campers try out some electrifying experiments. Every child will finish building the robot and take it home!