Crazy Chemworks

Daily Topics


Chemistry Club

Start your chemistry career with some laboratory basics. Campers learn to swirl, pour and mix like a scientist! Check out the colors of chemistry with the power of pH paper and create a stopper-popping reaction!


Super Cool Science

Chill down and heat up at the atomic level with solids, liquids, and gases. Campers see how cold dry ice is and melt metal in hot water! Make colorful chemical reactions and find out how they happen.


Chemical Combo

See the lighter side of science in this day of chemical fun! Campers see how white light brings rainbow colors to our eyes and make some others glow. Mix up some solutions and make some Mad Science Slime!


Crazy Concoctions

Explore the science in your home! Campers find out what makes glue stick and try out a tape test. Learn how chemistry makes what you bake and see the stuff that keeps bread together.


Reaction Time

Make some fast-acting changes with your fellow junior chemists! Campers learn the difference between physical and chemical reactions, and then put their knowledge to the test! You’ll be pushing the limits of chemistry today!