Robot Engineers

Daily Topics


Everyday Engineers

The fundamentals of robotics will be reviewed, analyzing robot anatomy and discovering how each of their components works. Introduce Engineers and their importance in our everyday lives. Study Simple Machines and their use in mechanics. Children will begin to construct their very own robot to take home at the end of the week.


Reverse Engineering

Have you ever wondered how something works? Reverse Engineering will help us discover the principals at work through analysis of its structure, function and operation. Campers will explore the forces at work in Common Machines and Toys. Continued work on the robots will increase our understanding of their structure, function and operations.


Electrical Engineering

Get ready for a shocking day with these electrifying experiments. Test conductors and insulators, build a large model circuit board, and see plasma power. We will get High Voltage with an experiment from Tesla. Campers will continue working on robot completion.


Illumination Engineers

Campers will revisit sensors in a different light; uncover the hidden mysteries of white light, the extraordinary properties of lasers, and explore fiber optics and holograms! The final stages of robot building will be completed.


Robot Engineers

Campers will learn about robot design as well as the applications of robot technology. They will draw a blueprint for their own Imagi-Bot. Final tests will be run on the completed robots and each child will take home their robot to continue the exploration of robotics at home!